Cremation Services

The following is a list of choices which represent the cost of our services. They may or may not include the casket or container required for visitation or viewing, burial, entombment or cremation.

You are in no way limited to these service options. You may itemize services in order to select only those which are right for you.

CREMATION FAMILY PRIVATE FAREWELL PACKAGE                                              $2,195.00

Basic services of funeral director and staff, transfer of deceased, (within Grant Co.) no embalming, other preparation of body, standard crematory fee*, alternative container, and private family goodbye (30 minutes-immediate family), Memorial Package, and Manor urn.

* An additional crematory fee may apply in some circumstances

FUNERAL WITH CREMATION TO FOLLOW                                                            $4,995.00

Same Day. Basic services of the funeral director and staff, transfer of the deceased to the funeral home, (within Grant Co.) embalming, other preparation of the deceased, one hour of viewing at the funeral home prior to the service ( with the body present) and the standard crematory fee*. Included is a Memorial package, Memorial Tribute DVD, Newport hardwood veneer cremation casket, and Manor Urn.

The following casket is included: Newport.

CREMATION WITH A MEMORIAL SERVICE                                                             $2,595.00

Same Day. Basic services of funeral director and staff, transfer of deceased, (within Grant Co.) one hour visitation, memorial service immediately following at the funeral home, (deceased not present), standard crematory fee*, alternative container, Memorial package, and Memorial Tribute DVD, and Manor Urn.